The OE Difference

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Bosch Original Equipment (OE) engineers ensure the highest quality, performance and durability in the development of diesel aftermarket parts. Bosch tested and evaluated numerous remanufactured or rebuilt common rail fuel injectors available in the market, where more than 50 percent failed. Click to see the Tear-down Findings from our Bosch Testing Process.

The Bosch OE Difference

The Bosch OE Difference is based on the foundation of delivering aftermarket parts that provide the Fit, Form & Function of the original parts.

With Function characterized by the following key criteria:

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OE Performance

The Part performs functionally as the original part did
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OE Reliability
The Part performs as the original part did regardless of any condition
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OE Durability

The Part lasts as long as the original part did

Non-OEM Approved Remanufactured Product Testing

Bosch recently tested and evaluated numerous remanufactured or rebuilt common rail fuel injectors available in the market. The Bosch team used a state-of-the-art Bosch EPS-815 test bench with Bosch patented Shot-to-Shot (SST) functionality on vehicle testing using the EPA testing protocol.

More than 50 percent failed, and presented a significant hazard to the engine if installed in a diesel comon rail system. These hazards included:

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**If you are experiencing any of the above, you should get your vehicle diagnosed and have your injectors tested. One failed injector could lead to complete engine failure!

Tear-down Findings from Bosch Testing Process



Bosch Armature


The Armature works in tandem with the solenoid to regulate the opening and closing of the ball on the sealing surface. Each injector is carefully inspected and replaced with a brand new originally manufacturer armature.

Competitor Armature


Armatures in other injectors are repaired by varnishing and cleaning up the armature. This leaves behind corrosion which leads to inconsistent operation.

Bosch Ball Seat Top view

Ball Seat (Top View of the Valve Body)

This ball seat/ sealing surface is critical for injector performance. Abrasive contaminants can erode and damage the ball seat causing the ball not to seal properly, leading to improper injection and hard start conditions.

Competitor Ball Seat top view

Ball Seat (Top View of the Valve Body)

The sealing surface/ball seat has been reground to remove wear, impacting the overall injector performance and reducing its service life.

Valve Body Bosch

Valve Body

The valve group is among the components which the greatest demands are placed. The valve group is directly responsible for actuating the nozzle and releasing the correct amount of fuel to be atomized in the combustion chamber. OE quality tooling is required to achieve the one to two micron tolerances needed for this precise component to operate properly.

Valve Body Competitor

Valve Body

Other brands insert used parts that have discoloration, corrosion and/or pitting. This can cause friction during movement of the valve piston, compromising injector performance.

Non-OEM Approved Remanufactured Products

The quality of any remanufactured injector depends on the remanufacturing process and components. During our testing process, we have found that many of the components removed from non-authorized injectors were outside of the original design specifications and some had corrosion and pitting, which compromises performance.

You might get a great deal on these non-OEM approved products, but you are taking a huge risk that these injectors may not be better than the one you are trying to replace.

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