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Test bench for Common Rail injectors and nozzle-and-holder assemblies: EPS 205

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All Bosch Diesel Centers are equipped with an EPS205 and have the ability to test both Common Rail Injectors & Conventional Nozzle and holder assemblies for pass/fail operation. The benefits of having your injector tested with the EPS205 is OE level testing, with the opportunity for potential cost savings of parts and labor while completing the job. Knowing exactly which injectors need to be replaced while the technician has already completed costly labor hours, can result in the technician only having to do the job once.

Check with your local Bosch Authorized network for EPS205 testing details.

Universal test bench: EPS 815

With a combination of Bosch Authorized trained technicains & the EPS815 test bench, you can expect OE quality repairs for your diesel fuel system components. Depending on how they’re equipped, an Authorized Bosch Diesel Center (BDC) has the ability to test & repair both Common Rail and Conventional Fuel System Components using the EPS815. These OE grade test benches are used in the process of rebuilding your injector or pump to meet OE like specifications.

Check with your local Bosch Authorized Network for EPS815 testing & component rebuilding details.
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Testing results could indicate the potential causes of failure that may need to be addressed outside of the fuel system. Replacing the injectors without fixing the cause of failure could lead to premature failure of new injectors, which is why proper testing is critical.