Fred Talks

Mar 03, 2021

Bosch Associate Fred Padgett expands FredTalks Video Series

At Bosch, we’re always looking for ways to better educate our customers on the ins and outs of automotive parts. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the expansion of the Bosch FredTalks video series, featuring Bosch Group User Experience Technical Product Specialist Fred Padgett.

Fred Padgett has been an associate of Bosch for 30 years. Throughout his time at Bosch, Fred has served as a manager and specialist across multiple product lines— helping to drive various product launches and develop the remanufacturing processes of Bosch’s high-quality remanufactured parts. Having accumulated decades of experience in the field, Fred has grown to serve as an expert, leader and educator in the automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket industry.


What is FredTalks?

FredTalks is an educational video series in which Fred discusses Bosch parts and identifies common problems, failures, and myths across all product lines.



Our first episode, available here, discusses Bosch strict quality guidelines when it comes to testing, measuring and replacing the slip rings on its remanufactured alternators.





The second video, available here, explains the difference between regular alternator pulleys and clutch alternator pulleys and how they function.


We are excited to continue expanding our videos to other product lines to help keep our customers prepared and ready to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting automotive parts. Be on the lookout as we delve into what to look for when selecting parts to ensure high-quality repairs every time!


Where can I find the videos?

We have created a FredTalks playlist within our Bosch Automotive Aftermarket YouTube channel, where the latest videos will be available for viewing. For a complete list of the videos, please click here.

Leave a comment in the YouTube video if you have any questions regarding the video or the products covered!